Strengthening the Urban Core

Through Financial Resources

Close the Gap... Open Opportunities

Support the Building Fund

Always focused on advancing urban awareness through family and community stability, we call on our generous partners and resources within the Missouri Urban Core to bring financial literacy and education to help urban core families and individuals build small businesses and become homeowners.

Homeownership Education and Webinars

When financial literacy and resources are withheld from urban core citizens and reserved for people of higher economic status, this gap can contribute to racism, crime, and the fragmentation of families and communities.

Access to Capital

As more privileged urban core citizens step forward and provide these resources to all citizens, we can come together to close the gap and open our community to possibility. The cohesiveness of everyone having the opportunity to build small businesses, own homes, and create jobs makes our community closer, safer, and more inclusive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide financial literacy and homeownership education to underserved communities.

Change The World

Donate to By Purpose Productions and increase the reach of our ability to offer vital financial, business, and home ownership resources to enrich communities in the urban core.

Become a Volunteer

Give back to the community you call home. If you have resources to offer that include financial, business, homeowner education or if you'd like to help us with outreach, give us a call.

Upcoming Events & News

We're always hosting events and moving forward with ways By Purpose Productions can serve your community.
Check back here frequently to see what we’re up to and how you can help.